Project One



This project spans over a decade and is a perfect example of the long term value of a StreetPrint driveway.


This driveway had its original imprinting and coating done in the 90’s.


Then, in 2002 the owners decided to have Square One Paving change the colour. This gave it a totally fresh appearance and injected years of life back into it.


Now, in 2012 the new owners of the property have made extensive changes including the construction of a separate garage at the back of the property.


An additional area of asphalt was added to the existing StreetPrint driveway and then Square One Paving matched up the lines, imprinted the new section and then changed the old colour to a new grey giving the whole driveway a brand new appearance.


This 15 + year old driveway has been given new life again and will last for years to come.


No other driveway product on the market has this level of flexibility and cost effectiveness.  


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