Project Three















This lovely heritage home was given extra curb appeal with the installation of the StreetPrint driveway.


As a heritage home this house has been restored and maintained perfectly with all attention been given to every detail.  The homeowners were able to maintain their sense of detail with the installation of StreetPrint.  A custom sized brick pattern was created to match the existing brickwork and the brick colour picked was also a perfect match to existing bricks.


Shortly after the installation was completed there was a large spill on the new driveway that would have been a disaster if any other driveway product had been picked.   The affected area was cut out, new pavement placed, and Square One Paving matched up the lines of the pattern, imprinted the patched areas and then coated the new imprinting.  The whole driveway was given a once over coat transforming the driveway back to its brand new condition.  In a matter of a couple of days the driveway was completely restored.


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